About Lance

  • An academic in the softest of sciences, those fields where there are no fixed answers, such as: Theology, ethics in public policy, personality theory, economics, election science, etc.
  • A writer, and ghostwriter, of informative nonfiction
  • A purveyor of performing and visual arts.
  • Linux Desktop end-user for more than twenty years.
  • A lover, not a fighter.


Lance has an earned Master's & Doctorate in Practical Ministry. He's the Executive Minister of the Christian Universalist Association (globally); working with congregations, pastors, chaplains, ordinands, and other students. Lance enjoys congregational ministry when his schedule permits; where he’s known for his Biblical storytelling sermon style, and for leading with an unpretentious sense of humor. Rethinking Christianity is an article with more information on Lance's understanding of the Faith.

Personality Theory

Clerics have always been the keepers of Personality Theory, going all the way back to ancient times. There are two reasons for this:
1. Clergy want people to live better lives, have better family relationships, and to make a better world for generations to come. Knowledge about personalities helps with this.
2. Psychiatrists & Counselors are too busy caring for those in need, to champion theories for the rest of us.
Lance teaches businesses, of all sizes, how to use Personality Theory to best match jobs & applicants; through the Personality Matching Institute.


Lance spent more than a decade in the Financial Services Industry. As a US SEC Registered Investment Advisor, an investment banking NASD branch manager, and Insurance Wholesaler. He has taught financial workshops for hundreds and hundreds of retired employees from the Colorado Association of Public Employees, Telephone Pioneers of America, numerous employee associations, and various community organizations for seniors. He has trained financial services representatives, brokers and agents—and overseen well over a thousand. During those days, Lance enjoyed teaching on the ethics of monetary systems—and other areas of public policy, and was called to testify in Federal Court regarding the ethics of fiat currency.

Election Science

The geekiest corner of politics is reserved for those who study the mathematics of election systems. These philosophers & mathematicians discuss things like the lesser-of-two-evils problem, and multi-seat elections beating the gerrymandering issue. Lance has volunteered with Approval Voting organizations, and the Center for Election Science, advocating for better government through better elections, for over twenty years.

Performing and Visual Arts

Lance's undergraduate degree was in commercial photography. He ran a studio outside Hollywood for a decade; receiving multiple Awards of Merit from the Professional Photographers of America. As a choirboy, he sang with the New York City Opera, the Hollywood Bowl Symphony, and many other world-class performing arts groups. He has since served on the board of directors of both performing, and visual arts non-profit organizations.